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July 09, 2015


ernst pattynama

Thanks for all the comments.
Could we at Librivox please have the correct pronunciation of the names in Chekhov's Ivanov. Please..
Cnacu6o . . .

John Morrison

My Moscow friend says the stress should be on the final syllable. It's Chubukov not Chubukhov by the way.

John Morrison

Martin I am checking for you with an expert in Moscow...

martin lorenz

In 'The Proposal' is it
'ChuBUkhov' or 'CHUbukhov' ?
(or even 'ChubuKHOV')

help soon please as well into rehearsals



Russian native speaker

Wrong - it`s Anto`n, not A`nton.
Ilya` Ilyi`ch - not I`lya I`lyich.

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