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July 29, 2008



I completely disagree, i went too see the performance On the 2nd Of August, and i have never been able to get into Shakespeare,or ever seen a shakespearian play, being a typical 16yr old as it were. And i'll admit i did go too see Hamlet originaly for David Tennant, but, i have honestly never enjoyed anything more.

His stage presense was incredible, putting so much emotion into everything he did, and carrying a leading role so well, and it wasn't just David who shone through, other actors such as Patrick Stewart and Peter De Jersey made the performance just as enjoyable.

And i think perhaps this being the most important thing, that David's involvement in such a popular Shakespeare production has only done possitive things, bringing people such as myself to be able to enjoy a production so serious.

With such an,emotional, touching & endearign performace i struggle to see wether we actually watched the same thing.

And to call David's performance 'One Dimentional' is something i will never unserstand, and as one as my friends just said (lol sorry) this report seems to be way to far "Up itself" for it's own good, perhaps through just wanting to slate DT's performance to draw attention to your review or perhaps through jelousy of talent.

I have No Idea, basically i just disagree


I completley disagree with the views stated in this review. I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Shakespeare and was really only going to see David Tennant, however this does not change my views on the play, I thoroughly enjoyed this play especially David Tennant's version of Hamlet. I loved the jokey attitude of David's Hamlet and as for his spoilt adolescent performance not developing into anything, this kept the audience captivated, every audience member was captivated, I and I am sure many others could emphasise with David during every scene, I was close to tears during the scenes he was 'curled up in the foetal position in despair' would you not do the same if someone you loved had been killed by someone you knew? and standing on the corner of the stage in cold isolation curling his lip at Claudius and Gertrude I would do the same.
You say that you don't know how David was cast for this role because his Hamlet is 'one dimensional' he was not one dimensional what so ever! If David was not right for the role would he have been cost? I think not. As he said in a interview 'every actor makes the role their own and that is what I plan to do. David made the role his own!!


I'm not saying that everyone is not entitled to his opinion, and certainly you obviously do know your onions. But, speaking as a Hamlet virgin, I have to disagree slightly with your view of David Tennant in the lead role. Certainly, it is not without flaws, and some of this can be layed at the cutting of the play and also the movement or removal of some of the speeches (To be or not to be being the most notable). However, I have to disagree that Mr Tennant did not engage the audience in any way... I am sorry you think you heard a giggle at one point, because when I saw it you could hear a pin drop during his death scene. Not to say he is perfect - altough a fan, I am certainly beyond being happy to see him 'grin' - I was surprised at the 'throw away' nature of 'To be or not to be, but again feel that the direction may have pointed to this, a very spare and quiet Hamlet when alone, wild and mad when with others.

All in all, I found all the performances wonderful and to be honest, one of the most magical theatre experiences I've had.


id like to say that i disagree tremoundsly.. i went to watch hamlet on the 4th night (28th july) knowing that the nerves may have calmed a bit the performance was outstanding. i am a typical 17yr old. and hamlet was my first experience of a shakespeare play at the courtyard theatre.. and it definalty isnt my last. David Tennant was truly amazing.. and he pulled of Hamlets character perfectly.. getting the balance of all the crazy emotions just right. Even though hamlet is a tradgedy.. which obvioudly means death the prospect of this was uplifted with humour. David Tennant has the comical timing down to a tea.. and his energy across stage jsut didnt stop.. as for his delivery of lines... not a single fault.. even if there was .. it was unrecognisable. The sheer talent David has is unbelievable. the thought of working beside him aswell as Patrick Stewart, Oliver Ford Davies and Peter de Jersey would be amazing. Patrick errie portrayal of the 'ghost' compared to CLaudius is cleverly performed, however Oliver Ford Davies as Polonius was truly amazing.. and extremely funny. the part was made for him.
Overall Hamlet was more then i expected.. and even better for me is that i now have a head start in my English Alevel.. because i will be studying hamlet woo. will be good to see davids performance in love labours lost in october... then i will be able to see a truly different character. cant wait

Damian Pittam

I am a "veteran" of about 8 or 9 Hamlet performances (including a previous RSC tour production) and I have to say I disagree with John's view's on David Tennants portrayal of Hamlet. I went to the first night performance on 24 July. I found his performance to be touching, endearing, funny and thoroughly captivating.
I do agree with John on Patrick Stewart, he chewed up the stage every time he was on, and also with his views on Oliver Ford Davies' Polonius. Quite simply the best Polonius I have seen.

Emma Jones

I have watched many Hamlet performances in my time and I have to say that David Tennant's take on Hamlet has so far been the best. He engaged me fully and I really felt involved in the play; the comedy aspect was also excellent! How anyone can say that David Tennant is anything BUT excellent is beyond me. Well done David! You have done the RSC proud!


I really have to disagree with you. David's performance was breath-taking. Literally! The sad scenes made me cry and the quirky jokes made me cry with laughter.
David really brought amazing quality to the character. A stunning performance from him! He was amazing and I think that he brought such a brilliant character!


I think you must have all seen a different production to me! I, too, was there on Monday. I have seen Hamlet several times, and David Tennant far surpasses any of the other actors I've seen in the role. I have had several friends who have also seen the play and everyone agrees that he brings an amazing energy and emotion to the part. I was also personally impressed by the clarity of the delivery of the dialogue and, in particular, the speeches. I hope that people don't take this as an opportunity to criticise an actor who has already, in the past, proved himself to be an excellent Shakespearean actor.


as much as I wanted DT to be a brilliant Hamlet (this being the first live production of the show I've seen), he was not jaw droppingly outstanding. That being said it wasn't a disaster. I quite agree with this review, although good, the real tragedy of Hamlet never quite got there. I did enjoy the "modernisations" however. And of course Stewart and Ford-Davies were amazing.


The review above is very fair. I went a couple of nights ago and Tennant seemed relaxed and confident. I’m one of many in the audience seeing Shakespeare for only the first or second time at the RSC. The courtyard is a great venue, its unusual setting gives everything a contemporary feel. The production was excellent; I and my other half were fully engaged throughout. DT is a competent actor and does well but for me Stewarts performance was without peer. A true pleasure to see such an excellent up close. If you can get a ticket go and see it, I think you’d have a very nice three and a half hours.

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