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May 16, 2007



you wrote, in your last post:

The real problem of the British theatre, IMHO, is a lack of good new plays. There are plenty of mediocre ones around (written by men and women), and over-praising them isn't going to help anyone.

So why are you doing exactly that here?

OK, the acting is good, and the dialogue is sharp and idiomatic - but there's no direction or intensity in the characters. You don't believe what they say and do. (Do you really think that a weapons designer would know so little about the conditions of his own job? (Or that an entire scene that only reveals that he doesn't is somehow good theatre?) Or that there isn't enough leeway in the argument about whether designing weapons is a good thing to allow two close brothers to bypass the argument? ) The arguments the characters deliver at such great length are set at pub-bore level. There's not much action, and little in the play that creates an emotional commitment (either for character or audience) that might set all the discussion on fire. Nearly all good plays have depth, complexity, truth of character, and emotional intensity. This play is thin, strained, tedious and lazily written.

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