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September 26, 2006



Hi! Stumbled across your blog. Very interesting post, though I see it was made some time ago. Anyway, it might interest you to know that I'm a twenty-two year old trying to write a traditional farce - with superheroes. From a young man's perspective, I don't think the basic craft will die out, just get re-invented every few decades. A farce relies on reversals and unexpected twists, so if the audience is used to the same contrivances, they have to be mixed up a bit. No need for undue concern!

Henry Martin

Enda Walsh who wrote Disco Pigs, The Small Things and Chatroom premiered The Walworth Farce with Druid Theatre in Ireland in 2006. The production started in Galway but toured the country. I was lucky enough to write a college essay on it and to see the show three times. It was a powerful piece of work that challenges (like Joe Orton) traditional elements of Farce. The play, however is not in print. Walsh is working on a kind of sequel (a sequel in terms of content, not a continous story) which will again be directed by Garry Hynes of Druid, due to open sometime this year in Ireland. Though I live in London now, I'd gladly fly over to see it. If, and I see no reason why it hasn't happened yet, the Walworth Farce opens in London, do not miss it.

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